Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chill Out!- The Dairy Godmother

The August heat had me longing for The Dairy Godmother's frozen custard. This Wisconsin treat is authentically brought to Del Ray by Liz Davis, owner, CIA graduate, former pastry chef and frozen concoction maker extraordinaire. With a Wisconsin pedigree, Liz creates wonderful flavors in addition to the omnipresent vanilla and chocolate flavors. Updates can even be sent to your email to draw you into her convivial, main street America establishment. Yes, authentic frozen custard not in a fly over state.

After our meal at Los Tios Grill, we wandered up Mount Vernon Ave. a few blocks for dessert. Large embossed windows make the inside awash with light. Muralled walls and picnic tables lend to an informal, leave your cares at home atmosphere. The Dairy Godmother is where people gather after they've shed their suit and professional countenence. It's light, social and welcoming. T-shirts, sodas and dog treats are also sold. I picked up a bag of squirrel biscuits for my 3 pups.

The chalkboard menu presents the frozen custard flavor of the day as well as several sorbet options. Frank opted for a chocolate vanilla swirl cup and I got the lime mint sorbet. The mint flecked lime sorbet was a great way to top off a Mexican meal. It sure made the walk back a lot cooler!

The Dairy Godmother is closed on Tuesdays. Hours of operation vary seasonally.

Check out the Custard Cam and Liz's great explanation about what frozen custard is as opposed to ice cream and frozen yogurt (and yes, it's the 10% milkfat that makes it so darn good)

The Dairy Godmother

2310 Mount Vernon Ave

Alexandria, Va 2230

(703) 683-7767


Shay said...

Yowser!!!!!!!!!! 10 percent milkfat???????????? A moment on the lips- FOREVER on the hips!

Ramona said...

Did I mention we walked to The Dairy Godmother?

pam said...

**sigh** I miss Del Ray. The margaritas...the non-chain restaurants...the custard. And my dog misses the puppy pops at the Godmother! We're not too far away in the Mt. Vernon area of Alexandria but still. Not the same!

Ramona said...

My dogs LOVED the squirrel biscuits. I'd love to perfect making hard dog biscuits at home. I was going to get some pops, but it was hot and we weren't sure we were going right home. Next time though.
Currrently I make my 3 dogs peanut butter molasses cookies. It's good and good for them too!

pam said...

You can actually make the puppy pops at home. Just peel some bananas and cut them into chunks, put 'em on a cookie sheet in the freezer for a few hours, then zip them in the food processor or blender with a few TBSPs of peanut butter and some plain yogurt...and there you go! Spoon into little bowls and put it back in the freezer if you want it to harden up. It takes a little while and makes a god-awful racket in the processor/blender but it's worth it...the pups love them!

Ramona said...

You're going to make my dogs very happy! Thanks for the recipe.

Glenna said...

LOVE the name!

Ramona said...

The owner, Liz, had to change the name a couple years ago. She actually made the naming of the shop into a contest. It's a very clever name.