Monday, September 24, 2007

At the Del Ray Farmers Market - The Autumnal Equinox

On Saturday, I packed up my Bichon Frise, Cole, and headed to Del Ray. Looking at the slide show in this post, you can see dogs are very popular in Del Ray. While not allowed in the market proper, they are welcomed on the grass nearby. Cole got to cavort with a nice black lab while his mama went shopping.

(He was way more excited to go to the market. He gets to lick babies)

Indian Summer came on cue one day before the Autumnal Equinox. Fittingly, nectarines were still available at Toigo's stand, as were Bartlett pears. I bought a handful of each and wandered over to the "cheese guy" from Apple Tree Goat Dairy. Based on my enjoyment of his mediteranean herb covered chevre, I bought a cheddar-horseradish chevre this time around.

Next, I headed over to the farmers from Reva, Va. (first stall on the left as you enter the parking lot). These folks are so nice and their prices are easy on the wallet. I picked up kale and a butternut squash. Finally, as I could hardly wait a minute longer, I bought a chicken saltena from Marcela's Bakery stand. These golden and spicy stew filled savory pastries were piping hot out of the oven just up the street. It was still good and warm when I got it home and tucked into it's goodness.

The goat cheese chevre was fantastic. At $9 for a large log, it's truly a deal and lasts for at least 2 weeks in the refrigerator, wrapped in a paper towel an sealed in a plastic bag. Here's my favorite new snack: chevre on toast with a slice of fresh field tomato.

Stay tuned for a recipe using the kale: Caldo Verde. Yum!

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