Wednesday, September 5, 2007

At the Del Ray Farmers Market

The Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA is a slice of main street America, a mere 5 miles from the nation's capital. This bungalow filled walkable town is how neighborhoods used to be, before we all needed our "space" and 3 car garages. Front porches are close to the street and people can be seen milling about on their way to Mt. Vernon Avenue, or just chatting with neighbors. Independent stores line said Avenue with restaurants, shops and services. There is not a Starbucks to be found here *collective gasp*. And I say, good for them!
Each Saturday from spring through fall, the Del Ray Market is open from 8am to 12pm, at the corner of Mount Vernon and Oxford. The small parking lot accommodates about 15 or so vendors selling produce, meats, pastas, cheeses as well as savory and sweet baked goods. A special shout out goes to Marcella's Bakery stand for their beef or chicken saltenas!
Folks gather on the grass along the sidewalk to talk with neighbors and rest with their dogs. The ratio of dogs to "no pets allowed signs" is about 3:1. No dogs go into the parking lot, but they are well tolerated just outside the perimeter. Well, just see below!
We had a lovely morning at the market with two of our dogs (black and white one) and took a short ride over to Old Town to enjoy our saltenas by the Potomac River. Enjoy!


shay said...

I want to go with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pam said...

Have you ever tried the saltenas at My Bakery & Cafe? Yummm...There are several locations and one is just down Mt. Vernon Ave. (heading toward Arlinton) past the intersection of Mt. Vernon and E. Glebe, next to the My Organic Market. The bread, cakes and empanadas there are great, too.

Ramona said...

My Bakery and Cafe is definitely on my radar for both the saltenas and empanadas. It also looks great for breakfast. Hmm...perhaps look for a report on that soon!

pam said...

Great...I'll keep my eyes open! I've been to the Falls Church location but I haven't hit up the Mt. Vernon one yet. My boyfriend is Bolivian so he's a big help at places like that and Victor's in Falls Church!