Thursday, September 13, 2007

Table Talk - A Diner on Duke St.

Today was my first weekday visit to my nearest diner, Table Talk on 1623 Duke St. Across from the relatively new Old Town Whole Foods, Table Talk has long withstood the omnipresent building up of the Eisenhower Valley region. It stands short and proud amongst the brick stores, condos, hotels and business offices.

Inside, two dining areas and a (fully stocked) small bar reside within the weathered interior, adorned with live ivy and old ceiling frescoes. The atmosphere is lightened by the large windows and gentle prices.

A simple breakfast menu offers continental fare, omelets, french toast, hash browns, fruits, an interesting creamed beef (note , I didn't say "chipped" beef) and all the meat sides you could want. Today, I ordered one egg, ham, hash browns and bread of choice for $5.45.

For under $6, this platter offered practically a whole ham steak, a perfectly poached egg, hash browned potatoes with onion and plenty of paprika, and two buttered pieces of rye toast.
This, is a diner breakfast!

Go for the cheap food. The atmosphere is ultimately friendly, albeit a bit loud, and the place has a real neighborhood vibe from business persons starting their day, to church-goers gathering after worship.
Table Talk Restaurant
1623 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22303
(703) 548-3989
Powder your nose: decent
Credit Cards: Yes

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