Saturday, September 15, 2007

At the Kingstowne Farmers Market

This cooler Friday brought the last of the peaches from Allenberg Orchards. Baseball sized and still a bit under-ripe, they will be savored until a new crop is picked next year! Prune plumbs were abundant and looked inviting in their aubergine splendor (I'm thinking upside down cake).
White corn was still present, but I (gasp) skipped them at this point as I'm pretty sure I'm about ready to grow a husk right about now.

Beautiful rainbow swiss chard showed up at $1.50/ lb. I bought a just over a pound. It's washed, dried, wrapped in paper towels, stored in a plastic baggie, and waiting in the refrigerator for a roast chicken dinner tomorrow (braise?). Apples are becoming abundant too!

Meanwhile, this morning, we're enjoying croissants and coffee cake from Cenan's Bakery.

Allenberg Orchard goods:

Let's see what recipes I can share from this week's bounty. Check back soon!!

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